Equipment Capital Corp

Equipment Capital Corp
Equipment Capital Corp is Western Canada’s premier equipment leasing company. They are not a bank or a credit union. However their team has experience working in banks, so they know how they work and their limitations around loans and lending. They understand the typical processes can be complicated, long and frustrating and they want to take that burden away from their clients, so they can focus on running their business. They also get access to terms that business owners wouldn’t receive and pass those savings onto their clients.
We met Luke Loran through a mutual connection on Linkedin and after the first phone call, we knew the potential for a partnership would reap real benefit. Luke had a strong reputation with Equipment Capital Corp, but the branding and website needed to be updated. Luke was very busy and made it clear early on that he needed a marketing partner he could trust and they could "run with it" with minimal involvement from him. He needed a brand that told his story and presented the company to the industry in a way that reflected a modern edge but at the same time, honoured the history of his young company. Luke had said from the beginning that he wanted to work with a team that brought him value and was always open to hearing any suggestions that could bring an edge to his website and company.
We quickly had a vision for what Luke's new branding and website would look like. We used the StoryBrand process to create a BrandScript for Equipment Capital Corp, in addition to creating some new content and using some of the content on his old website. We knew Luke didn't want to be too involved in the process so we avoided bringing him in too early and only introduced him to the website when we were about 85% done. The brand is modern and fresh, it honours the history and colours of the original brand but positions Equipment Capital Corp for growth. It packs lots of great features: Lead magnets, drip email campaigns, financing calculators, digital forms with signatures that email on submission. It will definitely be put to great use by Luke.