Modality Technology Partners

Modality Technology Partners
Modality Is A Company Dedicated To Raising The Standard Of The IT Industry. They use a proactive approach to anticipate your IT needs today and in the future based on your company’s growth plan. This allows them to mediate any risk or downtime as your company evolves and your IT requirements increase. All these considerations are put into a plan that’s designed to support you beyond an emergency troubleshooting call.
When Modality approached us, they were operating as Onsite Support. They were looking for a rebrand, a new way to share their story and reposition themselves in the market and all supporting marketing channels to communicate across including a new website, social media channels, and marketing collateral.
We worked with Jeremy (the President) to bring his vision for the rebrand to life. He wanted the new direction of his company to look sleek, modern and professional. We choose a minimalist font with a simple icon to capture the essence of the word “modality” meaning a particular mode in which something exists or is experienced. We represented this concept with the 3 square shapes. We choose vibrant shades of blue, complemented by a contrasting orange to give the brand a fresh and fun appearance. Once the new branding was established, we built a new website, set up social media channels, and created supporting marketing materials.