Networth Management

Networth Management
Networth Management is a boutique financial planning firm in Calgary. It is by design a small, independent, and highly regarded comprehensive financial planning company serving a finite number of clients in a close client community. No matter what happens in the world, market, or economy our clients have the peace of mind of knowing that they are on track. We give them the greatest probability of achieving all of their true life goals starting with a tool called a Financial Road Mapβ„’
We needed to find a way to elevate the Networth branding while maintaining the core elements and existing colours. In addition, we needed to find a way of distinguishing Networth from its competitors in a saturated market.
We designed a new logo, giving the lion an updated modern look while maintaining a classic aesthetic that will remain relevant for years to come. Once the rebrand was complete, we reviewed Networth’s clientele to see where they have the most success. Through this review process, we uncovered Networths niche of working with successful, high net worth women. They are successful with this audience because they recognized the unique financial concerns of women and are able to structure their financial plans to include many aspects that often get overlooked by other financial advisors. This insight allowed us to carve out a niche for them officially and change the language they use to communicate, as well as the marketing tactics and approach needed to reach this audience.