Next Digital

Next Digital
Next Digital is a local IT Managed Services company, that’s part of MNP’s portfolio of companies. Next Digital believes in proactive, accessible, user-friendly IT service and support. They are a group of people who genuinely get excited about IT! Their main goal is to take their knowledge and share it with our clients in a way that’s easy to understand. No tech jargon or words you can’t pronounce. They want to make it as simple as possible for their customers. No more dreading having to deal with IT.
Next Digital was looking for a new way to articulate their value proposition. They knew why their customers enjoyed their service but it wasn’t being accurately represented on their website or their marketing. In addition, the current branding direction was outdated and didn’t reflect the personable, friendly nature of Next Digital. They were looking for a new look, and way to communicate their value proposition in a way that stood out from other IT companies.
To gain confidence in the message and value proposition we conducted a client survey to get insights into why they chose Next Digital over other IT providers and what they enjoyed about the experience. Working with the Next Digital team, we developed a new value proposition that captured the friendly and personable culture of Next Digital. Once we solidified the new messaging, we designed a new website with a modern look and extended the new look to other marketing materials.