Unbounded U Fitness

Unbounded U Fitness
At Unbounded U Fitness, we help people reach their health and fitness goals no matter how big or small. Our philosophy is that regardless of your age, gender, size, physical condition, health, or access to a gym or equipment, we can help you achieve remarkable health, fitness and mobility goals. We place no bounds on your fitness and nutrition and neither should U!
UnboundedU was founded by personal trainer, kinesiologist and clinical exercise physiologist Kristina Kowalski. She came to us with the goal of growing UnboundedU from a solo practice to a team of personal trainers. This transition began with her brand; the original brand was very girly and did not match Kristina’s personal style. She wanted something edgy, and that better suited her personal style.
We did not change her logo, but we designed a new website that is more dark and edgy. In an effort to support her growing team, we also established programs for different target audiences and aligned them with the branding that you are never bound by anything; UnboundedU (personal training), Unbounded by Age (for seniors), Unbounded by Health (for those with health conditions), and Unbounded by Food (nutrition). We also used this new website to promote services instead of Kristina personally.