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Finding the right marketing partner isn't easy.

Marketing Guardians Is Your Monthly Subscription Full-Service Marketing Agency

If the marketing strategies you’ve been trying simply have not delivered, it’s time to do something different! If you’re ready to get the long-term success your company deserves, let’s crush your marketing challenges together. Our Monthly Marketing Programs help your business get ahead. Through custom consultation and in-depth industry knowledge, we work with you to understand and evaluate your business’ goals. With a clear vision in place, we plan and execute monthly marketing initiatives that will have you standing out from the competition. Think of us as your remote team of marketing experts that take care of all things marketing for your business to get ahead.

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Stop wasting time and money on marketing that falls flat. If you could just get your products or services in front of buyers, they would love it!

We believe that with the right message and strategy, your products should sell themselves. Marketing should never be overwhelming. Picture having a clear message, marketing you love, a website that connects, and ads that convert etc. Imagine, not having to learn to use new tools and software yourself or even better, imagine someone you trust, working alongside you to implement all that work. Tired of working with a bunch of one-off marketing agencies or consultants? Meet the marketing partners you wish you had met earlier – Marketing Guardians. Just choose the services your business needs, and we’ll be around every single day to support your company, all without the headache.

  • Overwhelmed just by thinking about marketing?
  • Did your last marketing effort flop?
  • Are you struggling to get new leads?
  • Can’t easily explain what you do?
  • Struggling to find the right words to describe your company?
  • Tired of competing on price?
  • Is it time to position your company for growth?
  • Does marketing make your brain hurt?
  • Is it time to rebrand or revamp your website?

At Marketing Guardians, we understand that you want to be known for what you do, as you differentiate yourself from others in your industry. In order to do that, you need to embrace your story because people care about it, not so much as a product or service but for the transformation, they experience when using it.

Introduction to Marketing Guardians — 3:19 min.
Engagement for every situation. Back your marketing with a best-in-class creative team.

Consider a subscription to marketing services if you are…

Experiencing Growth
You are going through a period of fast growth.
We elevate your brand, expand your reach, and get you ready for new possibilities.
Low on resources and technical skills on your team
Your small team is challenged to manage the current workload.
We expand your capabilities and take on the workload, leaving your team to focus on the strategy.
Realizing your branding is outdated
You've hesitated to refresh your marketing and now you feel like your branding is too outdated.
We breathe new life into your branding, website, content marketing, social media, and overall digital presence. You can't afford to lose business because customers perceive that you're too outdated.
Going through change
You're going through a period of change, like a merger or new product launch, or even because of COVID-19 you've had to pivot.
We manage the branding transition, promote your new identity, and take care of all the details.
Lacking some expertise
You're growing and need more marketing expertise within your company thank you currently have.
We have the team, expertise and experience to take your marketing to the level you deserve.
Broadening reach and need to easily explain what you do
Are you starting to serve new industries and markets and are struggling to find the right words to describe what you do to the people that really need to know.
We will help you speak to new audiences, create new messaging, and promote yourself.
Let's talk today about how we can help your business succeed with the right marketing support.

Working with Marketing Guardians, you can have confidence
in your company and grow your business.

Here’s how to get marketing that works:

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Let's Talk
Fill out the short “work with us” form and we’ll reach out for a brief 30-minute discovery call. We'll assess your creative & marketing needs.
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Receive Your Plan
We’ll give you a custom proposal based on your goals with recommendations on how we reach them together.
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Get Results
Start growing again, knowing that you have the right marketing team to support you, and build on the initiatives your company needed all along.
Here are some of our client partners and what they think of us...

It’s our privilege and honour to be trusted by these game changers

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The team at Marketing Guardians was a dream to work with. They walked me through building my first website for my business and designed one that truly reflects me. Their attention to detail was amazing and I am beyond pleased. I will certainly use them for all my upcoming business needs. Check them out!
Amanda Kendricks,
Amanda Kendricks Soprano
ericcrowell-120x120 Home
I am a long time supporter of Marketing Guardians work because of their Strategic Thinking that they bring to the marketing conversation. I also very much appreciate their WOW!! Client service that my team and I receive from their TEAM!
Eric Crowell,
Awesome Journey Inc.
ReaganP-120x120 Home
Marketing Guardians is a professionally minded company that cares about doing things right from the beginning. They understand your business in-depth before they build a plan. They know how to market your business and position it to get results.
Reagan Pflug,
Networth Management
Do your customers understand your central message and how they can benefit from what you sell?

We review websites to help you make practical and powerful decisions that produce results. Many of the sites we review are beautiful and well-meaning but fail to include 7 things that allow customers to easily and effectively engage. Make these seven changes and you’ll increase sales, create fans of your business, and stop losing to your competition.

Connect With Us

Whether in the digital world or in traditional channels, we do everything to ensure our clients’ success. Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll get back to you to dig a little deeper.

Our office hours are typically 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. Let’s grab a Coffee!

Questions? Comments? Coffee?  Get in touch with us.

#310 – 4000 4th Street SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2W3
Do you feel stuck? Stop doing the same old marketing methods and learn to turn your digital experience into an organized marketing funnel.

If you’re tired of marketing that doesn’t work, or a lack of the right support and ready to work on growing your business, let’s connect.

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“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” — Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO, Amazon

After working hard on our "brand" over the past few months, we decided to step oit of the "room" for a few days. Feling renewed, and refreshed.

#rebranding #newbeginnings #marketingguardians #monthlysubscriptionmarketing

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Happy Thanksgiving! We know this year has been rough, but we see your strength and wish you all the best this Thanksgiving.

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” – Cynthia Ozick

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It's FIRE! ...

13 2

Time to celebrate months of hard work. COVID didn't slow us down it just fueled our desire to work harder and dreak bigger for the future! But now we eat...

*** ***

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We have 🔥HUGE🔥 news to share with you! ...

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Happy birthday, Canada!


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#happyfathersday ...

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As a team, we at Office Guardians have ALWAYS embraced our differences and diversity, it's the single largest hallmark of what makes us strong. People ALWAYS matter. We're meant to live life in community with each other. We stand in solidarity against violence, racism, injustice and inequality.
Racism and hate HAVE NO PLACE HERE! Remember, if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

One of the things COVID-19 revealed to us is that as strong as we are as individuals, we need each other. So hand in hand, let’s make a difference together - listen, speak up, sign petitions, donate, share love, always show grace, respect and encourage others to do so. ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #alllivesmatter #blackoutuesday #humanrights #equalitymatters #westandtogether #georgefloyd

Image Credit: @fuzzedupbear

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There aren't a lot of things in this world as heavenly as a mother’s warm embrace. She is the voice of the reason when the world seems a bit delusional, a hand to hold when you are too afraid to walk on a new path and the only person who is stubbornly proud of you, no matter where you head in life. When you have your mother by your side, you pretty much have the strongest support in the whole wide world.

Happy Mother's Day!

#happymothersday #momsarethebest #bestmomever #mom #momlife #mothersday #mothersday2020

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We know it’s different than any of us expected. But take this time to enjoy the company of your loved ones. We’re home and we’re safe. Be thankful for those around you, and the relationships that have helped to keep you ‘sane’ over the past few weeks. There will be more times to celebrate, where we get to share a meal with family and friends. We’ll get to hug and give high fives again soon.

Happy Easter friends. Stay safe & healthy.

#happyeaster #staysafe #easterweekend #easter #yyc #EveryBunnyNeedsSomeBunny #ThatsAllYolks

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There will be better days, but for now we enjoy what we have - the famil.y around us.

Happy Easter friends!

#happyeastereveryone #happyeaster #yyc #canada #longweekendvibes #trexarms #easteregghunt

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3 weeks has felt like a lifetime, and it felt necessary to document it…

Dear Quarantine Journal - Day 1: (9 am) For my own safety, I've decided to quarantine myself in my house. I have enough food to last me for six months. (10 am) I’ve run out of food.

Dear Quarantine Journal - Day 2: My homemade mummy costume was met with violent online backlash.

Dear Quarantine Journal - Day 3: I’ve forgotten what my actual job was, as I seem to be my kids’ assistant, scheduling all their ‘appointments’ with their friends on Messenger Kids

Dear Quarantine Journal - Day 4: Finally getting the hang of physical distancing, I’ve resorted to sending risky texts to random strangers just to get my heart rate up.

Dear Quarantine Journal - Day 5: Really missing watching sports on tv, just watched a video on youtube about what your cat’s sleeping position reveals about their health and personality - I don’t have cats.

Dear Quarantine Journal - Day 6: Realized how much I like eating out, shopping for non-essentials and touching my face.

Dear Quarantine Journal - I don’t know what day it is anymore, it’s been weeks since I last left my house and talked to another human, I miss rush hour traffic and working 9-5 - Dear Jesus, what’s wrong with me?

All jokes aside, so much has changed globally, industry has halted, rules have changed, restrictions have escalated, and consumer behaviour has changed.
For small businesses, the great escape act is dependent on us all staying relevant, cutting through the noise, selling with empathy and making our marketing message relevant and authentic. The goal for some is to survive, but for the bold, it’s to not just survive, but find a way to thrive.

Everything we thought we knew about consumer buying behaviour has changed, maybe the best way to describe it is a digital evolution. One that we thought was coming in the distant future and we needed to put plans in place for, in the coming years - but now, it’s something we needed to have in place 6 weeks ago. Pivoting is the buzz word we’ve had to embrace because, without it, our companies risk becoming irrelevant, stagnant and ultimately dead.

Read more here:

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Great reminder to keep moving forward - don't be afraid to start over, you might like your new story.

#covidmotivation #quotes

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Last Reminder: It's time to remove your daytime pajamas and put your night pajamas on.

#goodnight #sleeptight #staysafeathome #yycliving

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Who's with me? And where do we send this to?

#wereinthistogether #yyc #smallbusiness

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Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. We don't mean to be cheeky, butt we have your back #yyc. Check out our latest initiative to support our community, in partnership with Jujube Business Builders Inc.

If you're a company, restaurant or school that can help, please do. If you know any others who can help, or donate, please share as well.

check out

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What kind of story do you want to tell, when this is just a story to tell?

How to Panic:
=> Give into and focus on your fear
=> Stay stuck and take no action
=> Believe no one is spending any money right now
=> Consume a steady diet of cable and online news
=> Freeze your creativity
=> Go Dark! Disappear until it’s over…

How to PIVOT!:
=> Feel your feelings but don’t park there
=> Get creative — how can you serve your community in a different way?
=> Ask your community what they most want now
=> Create a low cost or no cost training for your community that help them now and strengthen them for when this passes (and it will)
=> Go LIVE often to meet with your community — there is such power and strength in community


#pivotdontpanic #wereinthistogether #yougotthis #covid19 #coronavirusinspiration

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When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us. For example, even if we’re stuck in self-isolation and social distancing, take time to appreciate your home and those who are with you: write a daily list of three or more things in and around you at home for which you are grateful and share your gratitude with others. ...

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Our elders were called to war to save lives. We’re being called to sit on the couch to save theirs. Let’s do this.
#covid #coronavirus #socialdistancing #weneedtosupporteachother #officeguardians #community #deepbreathes #timetorest #supportseniors #yyc #calgary #canada #globalcommunity #supportsmallbusiness #2020 #breathe

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