Hi! Nice to meet you. We’re Marketing Guardians, your monthly subscription-based marketing agency

Time for a new website? Need someone to manage your social media? How about new sales collateral? We’re there for you when you need it. Our “On Demand” retainer model allows you to have access to our entire team and scale up or down as your needs change.
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Stop Wasting Time and Money on Marketing That Falls Flat.

We believe that with the right message and strategy, your products should sell themselves. Marketing should never be overwhelming. Picture having a clear message, marketing you love, a website that connects etc. Imagine, not having to learn to use new tools and software yourself or even better, imagine someone you trust, working alongside you to implement all that work.

  • Overwhelmed just by thinking about marketing?
  • Did your last marketing effort flop?
  • Are you struggling to get new leads?
  • Can’t easily explain what you do?
  • Struggling to find the right words to describe your company?
  • Tired of competing on price?
  • Is it time to position your company for growth?
  • Does marketing make your brain hurt?
  • Is it time to rebrand or revamp your website?

We Understand You Because We’ve Been in Your Shoes Before

Introduction to Marketing Guardians — 3:19 min.
Engagement for every situation. Back your marketing with a best-in-class creative team.

Consider a Subscription to Marketing Services if You Are…

Experiencing growth or going through change?
Are you going through a period of fast growth, a merger, new product launch or a shift in your business model?
We can help you prepare by positioning your business for its new chapter through clear messaging, a refreshed look and promotional activities.
Broadening reach and need to easily explain what you do
Are you starting to serve new industries and markets and are struggling to find the right words to describe what you do to the people that really need to know.
We will help you speak to new audiences, create new messaging, and promote yourself.
Low on resources or lacking expertise?
You’re growing and you need more marketing expertise than you currently have and someone to manage it on your behalf.
We expand your capabilities and take on the marketing workload so your team can focus on building the business
Realizing Your Branding is Outdated
You've hesitated to refresh your marketing and now you feel like your branding is too outdated.
We breathe new life into your branding, website, content marketing, social media, and overall digital presence. You can't afford to lose business because customers perceive that you're too outdated.

Here’s How to Get Marketing That Works…

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Let's Talk
Fill out the short “work with us” form and we’ll reach out for a brief 30-minute discovery call. We'll assess your creative & marketing needs.
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Receive Your Plan
We’ll give you a custom proposal based on your goals with recommendations on how we reach them together.
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Get Results
Start growing again, knowing that you have the right marketing team to support you, and build on the initiatives your company needed all along.
Here are some of our client partners and what they think of us...

It’s Our Privilege and Honour to be Trusted by These Game Changers

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I am a long time supporter of Marketing Guardians work because of their Strategic Thinking that they bring to the marketing conversation. I also very much appreciate their WOW!! Client service that my team and I receive from their TEAM!
Eric Crowell,
Awesome Journey Inc.
ReaganP-120x120 Home
Marketing Guardians is a professionally minded company that cares about doing things right from the beginning. They understand your business in-depth before they build a plan. They know how to market your business and position it to get results.
Reagan Pflug,
Networth Management
shanestirlingepscan-120x120 Home
We’ve been working with Marketing Guardians for years. Their monthly subscription model fits perfectly to support our needs. Even with our office being 1000km apart, they have worked to be a vital part of our team.
Shane Stirling,
Epscan Industries

As we Emerge From the Chaos of the Last Few Years,
Let’s Give 2024 a Fighting Chance for Our Businesses to Thrive.

When we started our entrepreneurial journey in 2014, there were lots of times we just flew by the seat of our pants.
Guess how successful the business was in the early days? It struggled.

We started planning some of our marketing and started seeing immediate improvements. Mind you, we didn’t become super-organized planners overnight.
It took time and we’re still learning how to schedule things in, how to recognize what to repeat and what to ditch, how to plan when everything goes sideways.

If you’re an entrepreneur and want to set up a game plan to market your business better in 2024, this is the planner for you.

What’s Inside

  • 12 Monthly Calendars With Room For Notes
  • Room To Record Daily Wins And Losses
  • 52 Weekly Pages
  • Daily Marketing Task List

Broken Into Quarters, Its Pages Will Help You…

  1. Figure out what worked before (and what hasn’t) so you can repeat a successful campaign or avoid the pitfalls of an unsuccessful one.
  2. Focus on 3 major marketing activities each quarter
  3. Determine what else you need to do and how that impacts the time and energy available for marketing efforts.
  4. Build a marketing calendar.
  5. Draft a to-do for each activity to keep yourself on track.

Connect With Us

Whether in the digital world or in traditional channels, we do everything to ensure our clients’ success.

Tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll get back to you to dig a little deeper.

Our office hours are typically 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Let’s grab a Coffee!

Questions? Comments? Coffee?  Get in touch with us.


Do you feel stuck? Stop doing the same old marketing methods and learn to turn your digital experience into an organized marketing funnel.

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