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Reliance Asset Management
The smart choice in appraisal and reserve fund studies. At Reliance their mission is to listen, and present clients with quality reports, prompt response times and unrivalled customer service while upholding the highest degree of professional business standards.
When Reliance came to us, they recently built a new website but had no insight into website activity or traffic. We provided monthly Google analytics reports with insights into traffic sources, activity and visitor demographics to help guide marketing efforts. Reliance relied heavily on trade shows and in-person events to promote and engage with their clients. Once Covid 19 hit, this became more challenging and we needed to find a way to keep their clients engaged and offer value digitally.
We conducted an in-depth industry research report looking at the state of the real estate market and appraisal industry and how it was being impacted by Covid 19. We also looked at qualitative research into what challenges it presented for property managers and condo boards (Reliance’s primary target audience). Through this process, we were able to unveil that many property managers were starved for information and did not know where to go to get it since in-person assessments were not being conducted. We helped Reliance organize a webinar series and invite their clients to learning sessions. We allowed the clients to choose the topics that interested them most via surveys and invited industry experts to speak to the topic alongside Reliance experts. This was a way to stay connected to clients, promote this webinar series as a value add you get access to as a client and continuously offer value and position Reliance as an industry leader.