Strategies That Build Customer Loyalty After the Sale

Strategies That Build Customer Loyalty After the Sale

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Customer acquisition is a predominant cost of business. The effort and resources required to attract a customer, convince them of your value, and make a sale are highest the first time around. Once a customer has experience buying from you, they tend to repeat their business faster and easier the next time. Often times, the methods you use to get the first sale are not the same for subsequent sales. You need different strategies as you follow up.

Here are three strategies that build customer loyalty and boost brand recognition:

  1. Give existing customers first dibs on new products, goods, and services – Remind your customers how much you value them by offering them your newest products before they hit the general market. Making your newest offerings available to existing customers first, and making a big deal about it, helps them feel set apart and appreciated. Whether you create an insider’s club or use your email and newsletters to alert them to upcoming product launches, giving them insider information helps build buzz and excitement about your newest goods and services.
  2. Offer discounts on future sales plus exclusive opportunities – People love to know they are special. Exclusivity is psychologically stimulating to customers. Having insider information or special codes and discounts increases customer loyalty and can lead to referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. Follow up with your customers and routinely offer them exclusive discounts that new customers don’t have access to. Be sure to let them know these are rewards for their past business and a thank you for their repeated business. Loyalty cards, BOGO offers, and bonus content are all great ways to offer discounts or added value.
  3. Connect with customers on important dates – Nothing tells a customer that they matter more than recognizing them on special days. From giving them a shout out on their birthday to celebrating their anniversary with you as a customer, there are plenty of ways to connect with them on important dates. Offering veterans or first responders a discount shows them how much their service means to your company. Recognizing Mother’s and Father’s Day or offering a discount to graduating seniors can get people excited to engage with your company. Sending a gift card with a special coupon for their customer anniversary can encourage sales. Offering customers a once-a-year deep discount on their birthday feels like a present. Small gestures make a big impact and set you apart from businesses that don’t make any effort for customer retention.

You’ve invested a lot of time and energy into acquiring your customers. Keep the momentum up by creating strategies that keep customers engaged and feeling valued.

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