Important Email Marketing Key Performance Indicators to Track

Important Email Marketing Key Performance Indicators to Track

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When running an email marketing campaign, you must perform audits to ensure you get the most out of your time and effort. One of the key steps to running an email audit includes keeping track of vital key performance indicators or KIPs and metrics. These metrics allow you to pinpoint areas you need to improve on while also highlighting where you excel to improve your overall email marketing conversions and communication with your audience.

Here are five important email marketing metrics you should be tracking:

Email Delivery or Bounce Rate

This is the rate at which your emails are delivered to your customers and make it to their email box. You want to keep track of this to ensure you have corrected and updated information on your leads and that your internet service provider is safe and secure to prevent rejection. This can be improved by using double-opt-in forms and authenticating your email address.

Open Rate

This number indicates how often your subscribers are opening your emails. An open rate of twenty percent or higher is a vital goal to maintain, as your email marketing goals can’t be achieved if your subscribers don’t open your emails. In addition, be sure your opt-ins are targeted to the right audience and that your titles are crafted to hook in and persuade your readers.

Click-Through Rate

Click-through rate or CTR indicates that your subscribers are clicking the links or call-to-actions within the email copy after opening it. It is recommended to keep your CTR at four percent or higher to see proper results. CTR can be improved by enhancing the copy and call-to-action.

Click-To-Open Rate

A highly undervalued metrics that gives you a clear indication of how well your content is performing. It measures the number of unique clicks by the number of unique opens to determine how unique or interesting your content is to your subscribers. This metric can vary and should be around twenty to thirty percent, if not higher, if you truly know your audience and develop amazing content. Getting to know your audience and keeping up with the latest industry trends work together to help you produce better email copy.

Unsubscribe Rate

This rate shows how many people have unsubscribed or removed themselves from your email campaign. If your unsubscribe rate is high, this can tell you a few things. Either you are sending too many emails, not enough emails, or the content is poor or not up to expectations for those who chose to follow from the opt-in form.

Don’t neglect or ignore your key performance indicators. As you can see, metrics provide a lot of information to help you make good choices. If you know what the numbers mean and how to read them correctly, the data will help you. For example, proper click-through rates, low bounce rates, and high conversions are essential to email marketing success.

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