Thoughts On Communication…

Thoughts On Communication…

While it can be a difficult course to navigate, constantly learning, adapting, and listening to your customers will provide the insights you need to move forward in the best possible way.

There’s no official guide on how to communicate with your customers, what information is the most important, or how often you should send an update because what’s best for one business might not be right for another. Many more changes are likely to unfold in the coming weeks and months, which means smart business owners and marketers will need to constantly adapt to the current situation and adjust marketing strategies as needed.

The key is to be as authentic, empathetic, and transparent as possible with your customers to continue fostering the relationships you’ve already built and to nurture the new ones that will grow as a result of how you operate your business and respond during this time.

For me, it’s times like these I reflect on what I’m made of – I’m a fighter and crisis mode brings out one of the best versions of me that I know. I also realize this applies to my team, our company, and our brand. It was a timely reminder as we’re often asked what’s behind the name Office Guardians? I’m proud to say – here is the answer – we think every company deserves protection, more-so, every company has a brand and that brand should be guarded, protected and fought for. So let’s define it, your brand refers to the perception customers have about that product or service. As a marketing agency, we want to protect and build your brand. Our logo contains a Phoenix in a shield. The Phoenix symbolizes rebirth or rising from the ashes as a better stronger version and that’s what we want for all the clients we’ve ever partnered with – to see them evolve into an even better version that they envisioned. The shield historically symbolized protection and quite often, the best warriors used it in attack as much in defence. So the name and logo represent us fighting for your brand as we protect the process of your company’s growth into its best version yet.

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So, if you’re overwhelmed or simply need support at the moment for you and your team to communicate effectively to your team and your clients during this time, we’re here for you! That’s it! We’re in this together and our team will have your back.

If you feel stuck in your business right now, wondering how you respond to the daily changes in the industry, what to do when projects dry up or you have to temporarily close to keep your team safe or have your teams work remotely – let’s talk. Here’s a link to schedule a free half-hour where we can chat together and brainstorm creative solutions that will allow you to thrive in this environment – we’re all in this together and we’ll give you our best.

PS we wrote an article on the number one question we’re being asked right now “How do I lead my business through the Coronavirus crisis

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