6 Ways to Massively Improve Your Website SEO

6 Ways to Massively Improve Your Website SEO

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An SEO boost can be invigorating both for your profits and for your mindset. It’s an accomplishment that can have a massive impact on your business. Here are seven ways to give your website an SEO boost.

  1. Target an easy-to-rank search phrase – A phrase that has lots of demand but little supply. These are often phrases that are three or four keywords long. They may begin with “How to” or “Tips for.” Use keyword tools to find unique keyword phrases to focus on. You can quickly achieve a top page rank by targeting these easy search phrases. You can then use these content pages to link to other pages within your website – the pages where you ideally want your traffic to go.
  2. Link to your key pages from social networking sites and blogs – Commenting on blogs and participating on social networking sites drives traffic to your site. It can also give you an SEO boost. People may link to your website and specific pages on your website once they learn about your valuable content and information.
  3. Internal linking – Targeting the same key pages, create an internal linking structure within your website to draw attention to these pages. You can identify a keyword or keyword phrase you’re trying to optimize and link to pages that use those keywords.
  4. Write more content on your niche keyword phrase or phrases – Content is ultimately what search engines index. The more relevant content you have, the more value the search engines place on your site. Creating keyword-focused content can give you the SEO boost you’re looking for.
  5. Make sure your existing content is optimized – This is accomplished by:
    • Placing keywords in your headline
    • Placing keywords in your subheadings
    • Placing keywords in your first and last paragraph
    • Place relevant and supporting keywords throughout the body of the copy
  6. User-generated content – You can use interactive features to motivate user-generated content. This content can give you a significant SEO boost. Look for opportunities to ask for contributions. For example, ask advice and then let people post their responses to your site. (Of course, you have full rights and control over the content).

Boosting your search engine optimization takes a goal and a plan. Choose the keywords or keyword phrases you want to focus on. Then embrace these seven tips to increase your ranking for those keywords. Watch your rankings increase and your traffic grow.

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