How to Use Your Competition to Create More Content

How to Use Your Competition to Create More Content

Your competition can actually be a great source of content ideas. You can generate new content ideas without plagiarizing by understanding how to research and analyze your competition. Using your competition does not mean copying them but instead using them as a source of inspiration.

There are six ways to use your competition to generate new content ideas:

  1. Identify Their Most Popular Content – One way to get content ideas from your competition is to look at their most popular content. What are people drawn to? What gets the most shares, likes, and comments? It gives you an idea of what topics resonate with their audience so that you can create similar content for your own audience.
  2. See What They’re Not Covering – Another way to get content ideas from your competition is to see what they’re not covering. This doesn’t mean you should write about the same thing, but you can use this as an opportunity to find a gap in their content and fill it. This will show your audience that you’re on top of trends and have something unique.
  3. Find Out What Questions They’ve Answered – Your competition is likely to answer questions that your audience has. So first, look at their FAQ section or customer support page to see what questions they’re answering. This lets you know which topics people are interested in and allow you to create content that answers those questions.
  4. Analyze Their Social Media Engagement – Social media allows you to see what content is resonating with people. Look at your competition’s social media engagement to see what content gets the most interactions. It tells you which topics people are interested in and allows you to create similar content.
  5. Identify Their Weaknesses – Once you’ve studied your competition, it’s time to identify their weaknesses. What areas do they seem to be lacking in? Is there something you could do better? This is where you can begin to focus your efforts on creating content that will really stand out.
  6. Look at Their Backlink Profile – Your competition’s backlink profile can also give you ideas for new content. By looking at the websites that are linking to their content, you can get an idea of what topics are prevalent in your industry. You can then create similar content to attract those same links. Use a tool like Majestic to find and view their backlink profile.

When it comes to content marketing, your competition can be a great source of inspiration as long as you use them correctly. Each of these tips will ensure you use your competition smartly and effectively to generate more leads and revenue for your small business.

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