What is Email Deliverability and How to Improve It

What is Email Deliverability and How to Improve It

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Email deliverability is about how your readers or customers are receiving your emails. It includes keeping track of your bounce rate and increasing the safety and authentication of your email and internet service provider to ensure your emails don’t get rejected or end up in your subscribers’ spam folders. It’s likely obvious to state, but if your bounce rate is high, your readers are not getting your content, and this can have an overall effect on how email providers view your content.

The following are a few ways to improve your email deliverability:

Enhance the Opt-in Process

Use double opt-in forms to ensure the information subscribers provide is correct. For example, an incorrect email address or typo can easily lead to your email being rejected. However, double opt-in forms require your readers to confirm their information to avoid this altogether. Just be sure to make this requirement clear when signing up; otherwise, it can lead to further confusion, or you won’t receive your content until they confirm.

Establish a Proper Send Schedule

In other words, don’t spam your readers. If you send too many emails, they won’t see you as trustworthy nor know the content as personalized and valuable. If your content gets marked as spam, eventually, their email service provider will reject you altogether. It is important to note, too, that spam or being marked as spam won’t just affect the one reader. If the email service provider notices a pattern, it will also start rejecting them for other email addresses as a safety precaution.

Enable SPF and DKIM

This is essential to ensuring your email address does not get spoofed or risk hackers taking over your customer’s information. In addition, this information tells your internet service provider to authenticate your email address and prevents others from using the information.

Add Easy Unsubscribe Options

While not something you want to see, it helps improve your deliverability and other metrics as well. It keeps those truly interested in seeing your content on the list and is also recommended by the federal trade commission to add an obvious way for subscribers to opt-out if they want to. This also further authenticates and protects your email address from email service providers rejecting your emails.

Overall, the goal of proper email deliverability is to make sure your content ends up in the subscriber’s inbox in order to be seen and clicked open to be read. If your emails never make it or consistently end up in their spam folder, you won’t see any conversions and will likely need to start over as your reputation gets tarnished. Use these deliverability tips to avoid it.

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