Four Tips to Creating an Effective Email Sequence

Four Tips to Creating an Effective Email Sequence

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An email sequence is a set of emails sent to specific groups of subscribers or readers on your list. These sequences are either trigger-based or time-based. Trigger-based usually means particular sets of criteria such as demographics or behaviors that your subscribers perform will automatically send emails in the order you set up.

A few of the most common behaviors include their browsing behavior, paying customer or downloading your content. Time-based can be a certain number of days after a purchase, the subscriber’s birthday, or anything based on any amount of time passing. Triggering a thank you or welcome email right after opt-in or purchase is another email of time-based sequences. These criteria should be set depending on your niche and email marketing needs. However, the way you craft the material is vital to your overall success.

These tips will help you develop compelling email sequences:

Outline Your Purpose

First, you must know your goal, and in order to do that, you must know your audience, including the kinds of problems they are dealing with. Second, what is the overall purpose of sending and creating the email sequence? Don’t just create an email sequence because you know it is the best marketing strategy out there. It helps if you have a clear goal and understanding of the email sequence too.

Perfect Your Title and Subject Lines

Your titles are important to increasing your open rate. This metric allows you to keep track of how your content or emails perform in front of your subscribers. If your open rate is not what you want it to be, it is likely due to your titles or subject lines. Make sure they are relevant, short to the point, and have your most important keywords in the beginning for a few quick tips on creating the right email subject titles. While they may be short, you don’t want them to be boring or crowded with too much information to look like a spam email.

Always include a Call-To-Action

For every goal you set, there should be a separate call-to-action that helps you to achieve it. But, again, make sure it is easy to understand, complete and obvious to your reader.

Be Specific, Clear, and Educational

Keep each email straight to the point, and don’t make it too long. Always use your email as an opportunity to educate and provide value to your customer. The point is to exceed the expectations from the start to gain their trust and commitment. The more educational content you provide with accurate information that helps your subscribers, the more likely they will trust your authority and establish your credibility.

Be sure the time and effort you put into your email sequence are worth the investment. Follow these tips to craft an effective email sequence to see the return on investment you need and achieve more email marketing goals.

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