How to Adapt Your Website Content for Voice Search

How to Adapt Your Website Content for Voice Search

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To be honest, you don’t have to get that carried away thinking voice search is all that much different from text search. It is different in that you want the keywords you use and information you share to be more conversational and natural, but you still want to optimize for the right keywords based on your research. Voice SEO is still search engine optimization, and it follows the same rules.

Create Content Focused on Answering Questions

When people use voice to search for things, they usually phrase their query as a question. Because of this fact, the more content you can create surrounding questions that your audience answers, the more likely they are to find you when the voice search engines pick up on it.

Focus on Optimizing Your Content for Mobile First

Most people are using mobile devices to traverse the internet today, including when they use voice search because it’s so convenient. However, due to that, it’s crucial that your website and your content is usable and readable via any mobile device regardless of screen size.

Create a FAQ and Keep It Going

One way to create good voice search content is to focus on creating an FAQ. Every question in every way that you think it can be asked and should be listed in your FAQ, even if it’s the same question phrased differently.

Understand Your Users’ Intent

An important component of voice search is user intent. An important element of content creation for content marketing is also user intent. If you know what a user is intending to do and wants to do, you can put the right content in front of them in the right place and at the right time.

Use Technology That Helps Customers Find You

Use the right technology such as self-hosted WordPress, which is very flexible when it comes to using plugins that help you create rich snippets and other structured data easily.

Use “Conversational” Long-Tail Keywords

Think of the content that you are creating for your audience as a conversation that is ongoing. Today you may answer the question about “Ways to Use Bananas You Didn’t Know About,” and tomorrow you might need to answer the question of what to use to replace that banana. It can help to create a mind map about any one topic you need to talk about to your audience so that you can cover it from all angles.

Provide Value to Your Audience

The main thing to focus on with any type of content is to remember that the content you publish is for your audience, not the search engines. So, first create the content that they need and want, then adjust it to fit the parameters set by the search engine so that you can maximize your reach.

Be Thorough about SEO and Accessibility

One thing that is sometimes forgotten about SEO is that it’s also about accessibility. There are both blind and deaf consumers that use the internet just like you do to find what they need. If you don’t do SEO for yourself, such as including “alt” tag information that make sense in images, then do it so that your site is more accessible.

Remember that voice search SEO is not really that different than for various other kinds of search, so just use every method you can to increase your traffic and appear on more search results – whether voice or not.

april2024 How to Adapt Your Website Content for Voice Search

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