Using Psychology to Boost Customer Relations

Using Psychology to Boost Customer Relations

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An important goal for customer service includes customers feeling satisfied and positive about their buying experience. Your goods and services may solve a problem or satisfy a need, but their engagement with your business and how they feel after the sale is likely what shapes their opinion of the value they received.
While customer relations aren’t rocket science, there are strategies that can directly boost how customers perceive their experience in your favour. Tapping into some basic psychology can help.

People like people who like them

When people feel valued and appreciated, they are attracted. Whether it’s to another person or goods and services. People like people who appear to like them. Being friendly, encouraging, and genuinely kind builds rapport and increases sales. Turning on the “like” switch when dealing with customers can often change unhappy customers into happy and responsive ones.
Did you know? Did you know most people never really feel seen or heard? Making a point to look someone in the eye, listen intently, and genuinely engage with them often triggers a need within for connection and acceptance. Taking the time to care for your customer can make you stand out to them as someone who genuinely has interest in them.

People like to be in the inner circle

If you’ve ever had a VIP experience, you can relate to the ego boost that comes with feeling special. Going to the front of the line, being “on the list”, or part of the gang feels good. It’s the same for customers. Feeling like they have the inside track can boost brand loyalty and repeat sales. Creating opportunities for customers to have inside access or special privileges can greatly increase customer satisfaction.
Did you know? Customers love a backstory. Sharing the meaningful aspects of your business that humanize your goods and services can help them feel a draw and connection. Your target market will resonate with the why behind your brand and it could set you apart from competitors.

People hate to be kept waiting

No one wants to feel ignored. While scarcity is sometimes a valuable sales technique, it’s lousy for customer relations. Feeling dismissed, ignored, or ghosted feels insulting and can cause customers to become angry or defensive. Making certain customers get a response in a timely manner can make all the difference. From inquiries about goods and services, to customer service issues, a prompt response often means more than anything.
Did you know? Even when you can’t provide a favorable outcome, being timely can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction. When customers feel heard and validated, they may lessen their negative reactions and be more willing to compromise in difficult situations.
When it comes to customer relations, being an amateur psychologist can be helpful. Learning typical ways to motivate, communicate, and manage human behavior can help you create a positive and powerful customer service experience.