Seven Tips to Optimizing Your Email Onboarding Sequence

Seven Tips to Optimizing Your Email Onboarding Sequence

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The email onboarding sequence or acquisition process is the first and most crucial step to email marketing. Obviously, without leads or email addresses, you can’t properly communicate or market to them. However, acquiring your leads is far from the only requirement to creating an email onboarding sequence. Onboarding sequences also involve the steps between being a new subscriber to becoming a veteran or hopefully a loyal customer and, in turn, leading them down their next email sequences.

Here are seven tips to optimizing your email onboarding sequence

Always Start with A Confirmation

This is vital to ensure the deliverability of your email. Often, subscribers fill in the wrong information; however, a double-opt-in form where the reader must confirm their address reduces this chance. A confirmation is also a great way to personalize your introduction and further excite their interest.

Focus On Benefits Not Features

When subscribers first join, show them the benefits you promised in the opt-in. Don’t just list features. Provide real value. Give them instant satisfaction by joining your list with hardly anything in return.

Develop Inactive and Active Reader Sequences

Be sure to segment your list in terms of their behavior and how they respond to your emails. Especially the first few. If they don’t click them, they should be moved into different sequences or emails to persuade their interest further. This way, you know every email you send can accomplish its goal more effectively.

Use Call-To-Actions to Accomplish Your Goals

Lead and end every email with a call-to-action. Show and tell your subscribers what you need them to do in exchange for all the valuable content you provide through email. Make them clear and straight to the point. It is also important to note that call-to-actions with buttons and graphics convert better than those that don’t.

Be Fun and Engaging

Personalize and humanize your content. Speak to them as if you were talking to a friend, not a business lead. You want to focus on growing their trust and show them that you are worth the time and effort. Invite them to other platforms or ask them to reply to your email to get them to interact, engage and feel connected.

Keep It Short and To the Point

Your email copy length should be around 125 to 250 words or so. That’s right, and your emails should be pretty short. You don’t want to offer too much information all at once. Instead, each email should guide them along short and different journeys that all work together to share a similar message or goal.

Provide Generous Incentives

Make it even clearer to your new subscribers that you value their time by providing earlier and generous incentives that align with your call-to-action.

As you can see, the onboarding experience is more than just acquiring new subscribers. It’s about teaching them about the value you have to offer and what your company is about while also proving it. Finally, it’s about exceeding their expectations and giving them a great experience to transition into a loyal customer and subscriber.

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