Four Easy Ways to Improve Your Bounce Rate

Four Easy Ways to Improve Your Bounce Rate

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Bounce rate is determined by how often your email ends up in your subscriber inbox. If it’s not deliverable, it will bounce back or be rejected by their email service provider. On the other hand, a bounce-rate higher than you wish may mean that subscribers are not seeing your emails and not getting the value they deserve from your email campaign.

There are two types of bounce-rates; hard and soft. Hard bounces indicate some permanent error, such as an outdated or nonexistent email address. Which likely means the only thing you can do is remove the lead from your list. On the other hand, a soft bounce can be fixed and is probably a temporary error such as a full inbox or some server issue or lag. Meaning you can likely resend the email once the problem is fixed.

It’s important to note that many people have noticed that once their bounce rate reaches higher than ten percent, it starts to affect them throughout other campaigns. This is because your subscribers’ email service provider uses this information as a security measure and will add your email straight to the spam box or reject it.

Here are four easy ways to improve your bounce rate:

Create Double and Relevant Opt-Ins

Make sure your acquisition process includes a way to evaluate the information you collect. For example, using a double opt-in form makes your subscribers verify their email addresses. Ensuring that every lead you get is viable. The fewer errors in data entry you have, the easier you can pinpoint the main culprit to increasing your bounce rate.

Remove Inactive Email Accounts Regularly

If emails consistently bounce or are active, remove them from your list. Inactive emails can have a major impact on all of your conversions and this can give a more accurate representation. Programs such as NeverBounce can help simplify this process with their email verification and email cleaning services.

Don’t Forget Proper List Segmentation

One way to avoid your subscribers’ email service provider from thinking you are spam is to implement proper list segmentation. This is using a certain set of criteria, information, or time to target certain subscribers. Getting marked as spam is less likely if you stay organized and timely.

Avoid Free Sender Domains

Authenticate your email address and avoid using services such as Gmail. Using your own email prevents email service providers from seeing your content as spam.

Don’t ignore your bounce rate just because you believe it is out of your control. You can and must do many things to ensure your emails end up in their inbox and improve your bounce rate.

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