4 Easy Ways to Enhance Local SEO Ranking

4 Easy Ways to Enhance Local SEO Ranking

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Ranking for area-specific search terms can be a significant boost to your business. Many people don’t think local SEO makes a big difference, but this isn’t the case. 

The good thing about it is that it’s usually quicker to rank for local terms because you have so little competition. While there might be tons of sites trying to rank for the keyword “weight loss,” significantly fewer are going for the term “weight loss in Vancouver.”

So how do you get ranked for local terms? Here are four tips to make it happen:

Use target keywords in your title and content

Using your target keywords in your title and content is the most crucial factor in getting ranked. Put the keyword at the beginning of your title, as well as in the content, a few times. Doing this lets Google know what the page is about. Therefore, it will make it more likely you will get ranked.

Use anchor text to your advantage

When you get links to your site, ensure the anchor text (the actual link text) includes your primary keyword phrase. Google looks closely at the anchor text to let them know what the site being linked to is about.  

So, if you have one hundred links pointing to your site, and seventy of them say “apartments in London,” they will be able to surmise what your page is about. 

Google likes natural link building. However, you don’t want every link to say the same thing. If all the links say “apartments in London,” they will view this as unnatural, which may negatively affect you.   

Get links from quality sites 

Every link is not created equal. Google puts more weight on the links from quality sites a lot more. Therefore, be sure to target legitimate sites for your link-building efforts. 

Add Geo-tags

This is not a new strategy, and it’s been around for a long time. However, many internet marketers aren’t familiar with it.

Geotagging is where you put location metadata in your HTML code. This lets the search engine spiders know where your site is located. You can do the same for pictures you put on your site. This will help you rank for localized searches. 

The metadata includes your latitude, longitude coordinates, and sometimes other variables like altitude. If somebody is searching with geotagging enabled, your site might show up. 

While geotagging does work, you can rank without doing it. However, there’s no reason not to use it, as it couldn’t hurt. 

The bottom line is that getting ranked for local SEO keywords is a great way to get more business. Implement these four tips, and you should see results from your SEO efforts shortly.

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