Listen Closely – Your Customers Will Tell You What They Want

Listen Closely – Your Customers Will Tell You What They Want

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You don’t have to be a mind reader to know what your customers want when they engage your business. If you listen closely, they will tell you. Customers readily give clues or boldly share what they expect which can help build a healthier, happier customer experience.

Customers Want Problems Solved

Whether you sell sandwiches or software, your business is helping solve a problem. Stopping hunger or simplifying the computer experience both make a difference. Knowing what problems your customer needs solved can help you build the proper customer service experience.
Additionally, you can forecast problems that your customers may be unable to fully articulate. Looking at the problems you solve and wondering what could be done to solve them faster, easier, or more effectively can be a way to innovate and create a higher demand for your goods and services. A hungry customer may be more likely to buy from you if you offer a drive thru or delivery rather than having to get out of the car to get their lunch.   

Customers Leave Reviews

Word of mouth used to be a primary way customers reviewed their experiences…both good and bad. Now, customers use Yelp or Google. Whether you use Door Dash or have your business featured on Google, customers often leave reviews. These are a goldmine for finding if your business is meeting, exceeding, or falling short of their expectations.
Make it standard practice to read reviews and engage with customers with a reply. Take note of what is working and what could enhance their experience and make changes as necessary.

Customers are Always Evolving

First generation customers typically have lower expectations since they may be unfamiliar with your goods and services. Once they have some experience, they tend to evolve. That’s why most products change over time. Customers expect more and want to be pleasantly surprised with innovation. Added features, new designs, and improvements all work towards increasing customer satisfaction. Polling customers about what features they would like to see can help you know what they are looking for.

Customers Share Their Disappointments

Returns are inevitable, but don’t have to be discouraging, because failure is feedback. When a customer asks for a refund or additional support, that’s a clear indicator they need more. This creates an opportunity to boost their customer experience and solve any problems. Additionally, it creates the opportunity to improve goods and services or create new products.
Whether you ask directly or read between the lines, your customers will show you what they want and what they need to have a better experience. Listen closely.