Five Lead Magnet Tips to Grow Your Email List

Five Lead Magnet Tips to Grow Your Email List

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Did you know, nearly four billion people worldwide utilize email almost daily? What is even more interesting is that every second, three million emails are being sent. So that means by the time you finish this sentence, likely eighteen million emails, give or take, just ended up in people’s inboxes, which is no surprise why sixty-four percent of small business owners have reported that using email marketing has been vital to their success and is why they continually strive to grow their email lists.

The most common and powerful way to grow your email lists is through lead magnets. Free or low-cost material that attracts your potential customer into your buyers’ journey or email marketing campaign. Lead magnets will vary depending on your niche and are quite low cost if you can craft and complete the material yourself.

Here are five lead magnet tips for growing your email list:

Use How-To Guides or eBooks

Short guides or how-to eBooks are attractive options to many readers. Most people use the internet to ask questions to solve a common problem and gain more knowledge about their favorite things, which is why eBooks and how-to guides are so attractive. Understanding your audience and their struggles are key to creating an effective eBook or guide that piques their interest. Nearly thirty percent of marketers prefer this option.

Email Courses and Workbooks

Similar to eBooks, yet more direct are email courses and workbooks. These are materials that work together to help your subscriber actively solve or work through a problem. Instead of downloading all the material at once, your readers will receive their course through weekly and timed emails. Again, keeping an audience engaged for a longer period of time is the goal.

Develop Templates and Checklists

Easy, downloadable, and printable material that aids your subscribers in their favorite hobbies or solves their problems are affordable and easy lead magnets to produce. In addition, they can often be used with other paid products for free to incentivize a sale further.

Free Webinar and Trials

Invite your audience to join in on a live webinar and offer a free trial of your products and services. This can be a great way to ask for email addresses to send a link directly to the webinar or free trial. In addition, the hands-on and live material is often more attractive and easier to digest.


Host contests and giveaways and send coupons such as free shipping or birthday discounts to incentivize your subscribers. It is hard to pass up a good deal, especially one that provides so much value and excites your interest.

Although lead magnets are usually free, this does not mean they are not good investments. In fact, a wpforms report stated that marketers saw a 50% increase in signups after using and developing valuable lead magnets.

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