What To Look for During an Email Funnel Audit

What To Look for During an Email Funnel Audit

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Stop neglecting your email funnels. Just because you have them automated doesn’t mean they will be successful. You need to add an auditing process to your email marketing campaign schedule to ensure the work and content you are creating is designed to maximize your success.

Here’s what to look for during an email funnel audit:

Goals and Value

The first places to review are your goals and value as a brand. Make sure your marketing goals align with the value you provide to your target audience and overall message as a brand. Starting with your goal is how you develop cohesive content that achieves results. It also ensures you understand your target audience and how you provide value to them. Next, write down these goals as you go along the auditing process to ensure that each part of the campaign matches and achieves them.

Abnormal Metrics

The four key metrics to keep track of are open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, and return on investment. These numbers can give you an understanding of where to improve your content. For example, if you have a high open-rate but low click-through rate and your readers are not unsubscribing, you know that your titles are working, but there is a disconnect between the call-to-action, objective, and email content.

Email Flow and Segmentation Organization

Another area to review is the structure of how your content is sent and how your subscribers are organized. For example, each subscriber should be in more than one segment or email sequence to better increase your conversions and communication with that reader.

You will also want to take a moment to review this list to weed out any inactive subscribers and make sure they are in the appropriate segment. Lastly, you want to ensure there are not too many emails in each sequence and that they are organized to match your email marketing goals.

Content Value and Quality

Finally, and most importantly, is the evaluation of all your content within the email campaign. First, you need to make sure each email is organized and achieves the goals you were set out to do. Then look to make sure the email infrastructure has everything required as well. Some questions to answer when reviewing the quality of your content are:

  • Does it align with your marketing goals and company values?
  • Do they each have one call to action? Are they clear, obvious, and organized?
  • Are your messages and call-to-actions consistent throughout the entire funnel?
  • Are they personalized to your readers and the buyers’ stage they are on?
  • Do the titles hook or grab your attention?

As you can see, evaluating every process of your email marketing campaign is key to running a successful audit. Each must work together to successfully persuade or guide your audience into becoming a loyal subscriber or paying customer.

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